Purple Rain

After work yesterday I went, briefly, to Unley. This post is not about the market I went to, nor about the rain that threw itself out of the sky in a blast of weather at about that time (it was spectacular), but about my amusement at the thought of that funkster Prince being inspired to write his famous song by – jacarandas.

Unley is full of jacaranda trees – there are lines of them down Unley Road, and along many side streets, and with the rain and wind last night, drifts of petals carpeted the ground beneath the trees. Walking to and around the market, purple blooms were falling from trees along with drips of water, little parachutes of colour falling steadily, like their own rain. It was beautiful. I tried and failed to get a shot of a petal in mid air; they didn’t seem to fall quickly, but I guess they were obeying gravity like everything else, and when it comes to photographs, it was a bit too fast.

But here is the evidence of their having fallen (with laden trees for comparison)…

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2 Responses to Purple Rain

  1. Mandy says:

    How beautiful, also went for a walk through “my” park and there was a row of Jacaranda stunning trees…..as I walked underneath a wind blew and I had a purple shower, it was such a joy 🙂

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