Kangaroo loose in the back garden

I went to see Nicky in Port Willunga a few days ago, for her birthday. It was a lovely evening and great to celebrate a good friend by sharing a meal on the back decking of their recently renovated place.

Anyway, we were enjoying the ambience of a summer evening, when we were joined by… a kangaroo of all things, which came into the garden and had a very long drink from the birdbath. It was a lovely sight, and a special birthday treat, although we were a bit worried that maybe it was not in the best of shape, and it did have some difficulty working out how to get out of the yard. After it found the gate it went across the road to the front door of the neighbour’s house – the kids called out to their parents that there was a kangaroo at the door! The snaps I took aren’t fantastic but you get the idea…

Not quite sure if there is a metaphor in it, but happy birthday Nicky, and may all your birdbaths be visited by marsupials!


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2 Responses to Kangaroo loose in the back garden

  1. nickypage says:

    That kangaroo does look a bit droopy it’s true. Bit like the birthday girl. We’d all just had a couple of very hot days.

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