Christmas flowers (hint: not holly)

It’s funny how we here in the southern summer have so completely taken on northern hemispherical ideas about Christmas – the snow and wintry looks to so many cards, the Christmas decorations daubed with pretend snow and the ‘frosted’ trees. Yesterday at work someone brought in shortbread they had made and sprinkled with icing sugar ‘for snow’ she said. Then of course there is the red of holly berries, a bit of brightness in a grey world in winter, but here it’s not to be seen (we have the plant but not the berries).

Here, to go with long, light days and blasting sun we have a million agapanthus plants. I know I have said that before about strelitzias, but truly, ag’s are in every other garden or more, and in car parks and public parks and in drifts along verges and in singles in odd places. And it’s Christmas when this happens. And agapanthus means “love flower” in Greek, so it’s on the money there too symbolically. Perhaps we should assert a cultural/climatic/seasonal/geographical/botanical difference and have blue and green as the colours of the season and on cards and Christmas dec’s (the flowers have a very convenient round shape – easy to turn snowy baubles into floral ones). What do you think??

Here are some shots of the gazillion plants that are about (including one shot of a white flowering agapanthus – which are also around but not in quite such numbers as the blue). I could take another hundred in half an hour…

Wishing you all happy times over the coming week!

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