Making biscuits

ANZAC biscuits.JPG

Photo from the internet with thanks to whoever took it (I forgot to take a pic of my creations, but they looked much like this)

Up at Auburn again this weekend, and did the usual cooking for dad. Apart from the regular stuff, I decided to try making Anzac biscuits as he often mentions them as a favourite that his mum used to make. We don’t have any recipes from Nana Becker, and he could only tell me that they were the chewy kind rather than the crunchy kind. I tried to find a recipe that would be chewy, but failed – I will have to do some more research. (They ended up crunchy but still very tasty.)

Anyway it got me thinking about baking, that underrated skill, and the pleasure its results have given so many people over so many years. Nana’s Anzacs, Mama’s (my other grandma’s) shortbread, my aunt’s cockles, and mum’s many biscuits – in particular almond nuggets, chocolate chip biccies, chocolate biscuits (for Christmas), and melting moments (flavoured with lemon peel). My mouth waters thinking of them – and I’m not even mentioning the cakes. They are all simple simple simple to make, and use basic ingredients, nothing difficult to come by or expensive. They were everyday specialness – made with love and filled with memories and happy vibes. It’s just a pity about the excess fat and sugar!

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