The hum of quiet action

I went to a birthday party last night – lovely evening and lots of nice people. I ended up speaking to quite a few folk I either didn’t know very well, or at all. One thing that came up a few times was the things people do to keep ‘the good life’ ticking over. By this I mean how much community association goes on, groups for enthusiasts, support for causes, sharing of produce, environmental action, working bees and on and on, outside of work, outside of much organisation and with no fanfare. It was very inspiring.

Here are a few of the things that were mentioned:

Wendy’s tree of avocados, big crop (and worth a lot this year if she sold them), are mostly going to be donated to a small school project supporting a venture in East Timor.

Hannah’s dress was made by From Found a small local business employing local women from refugee backgrounds and using pre-used and recycled fabric. Win win win everywhere you look – and the dress was lovely.

Sue does two days a week at her local council’s environmental project weeding out blackberries from creeks on one day and putting little red gums in tube stock the other day.

And then my favourite (as it links with a CHO theme of the moment), Jan, who decided, on the basis of initially no knowledge at all, to keep a beehive in the garden of the block of units she lives in. She took them on a while back and has 100000 she tells me, with two queens. They produced  (I can hardly believe this is what she said) a whopping 37 kg of honey from them last year. As she knew nothing when she started, she hooked up with the Beekeepers Society of SA, and got support from them – a mentor to help her learn, and regular meetings held monthly. I just love that people do these things. Jan took a punt, and got support from people who have an enthusiasm and want to share it and now there are happy bees and lots of honey where before, in her little corner of the world, there was none. These things are examples of making things happen – fragments of world alteration. The quiet hum of life in the ‘burbs is people doing things: no fuss, no accolades, just making life better.

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2 Responses to The hum of quiet action

  1. Kathy says:

    Wonderful stuff, love hearing about these stories

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