Letter to self (from Pam)

I caught up with Pam on the phone recently. She wrote posts for this blog quite regularly in the early days, including some of the most viewed over the years such as Pam’s ode to the ghost gum and“Clay has a memory”. She moved back to WA a few years ago and is much happier in her life. Of course there are ups and downs, but being close to most of her kids, and in a place she loves, with friends around her, is a marvellous thing. I asked her to think about doing another post, and she sent me the following – a letter to herself that expresses this sense of her having found herself and being on her own side. What a grand thing. She also sent some photos of Bunbury I think it is, where she lives, which I’ve added below. It looks like a great place. Good on you Pam, and greetings from sunny South Australia! 

To my dear Pamela Naomi,

I wanted to write you a letter my dear friend. I have been there from the moment you were born. What an amazing baby you were – you did all the right things, such gorgeous little slanted eyes. Your childhood was a bit tough, but you made it through with such strength and determination; you didn’t always follow the right road, falling off occasionally. Your dream was to have babies which you achieved without any problems. Most have grown up now and have their own families. They have their complaints about you, such as not having Christmas tree presents (which is so not true!), but you did the best you could which in my opinion was good. You loved your kids and you were a great mum and I’m proud of you for that. Now you are 54 you are a strong, beautiful woman, contented and living in a place you always felt was Home. You are at peace with your life, what is and what was. You have searched for the person you were meant to be with most of your life, but you found her in yourself. She was there all the time. So, my dear Pamela, I will sign off now – remember I love you now and forever and I am so proud of you.

Love from

Pamela Naomi

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5 Responses to Letter to self (from Pam)

  1. Mandy says:

    Oh Pam….hello.
    How lovely, I am so glad you found YOU.
    It is the best thing to search for and to discover ☺☺
    Love to you.
    Mandy xx

    • I was hoping you would see this Mandy – good to connect some of us old crew together. It seems so long ago now that we did all those groups etc. Those were the days hey!
      xxx to you as ever

  2. Pam says:

    Hi Mandy thanks and yes I Think we all should write letters to ourselves I love being at home again and with my friends and life is really good thanks for reading my letter xxx🌸🌻🌼🌹💐

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