It was dad’s birthday this week – he was 95. In 1923, Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened, Time magazine’s first issue was published, Hitler attempted a coup in Germany (the Beer Hall Putsch it is called), insulin was first used to treat diabetes (and its discoverers won the Nobel prize for medicine in that year too) – and WRB  was born in Mrs Wright’s nursing home, Saddleworth South Australia.

He has been a lovely dad, and I have really enjoyed getting to know him more in recent years. I went up to see him on the big day – we went out to lunch in Watervale – they have a new-ish cafe there, and it was delicious. I made the usual Blow Away sponge and we caught up with the rest of the family, either in the flesh or on the phone.

I took a couple of photos, but they are pretty bad (dad’s eyes are closed or he’s looking the wrong way or something. One of the dangers of taking pics without my glasses on!!) – so click on the link above for the pics taken a few years ago… and in the meantime, here are some other photographic links to events in 1923.

Another notable cultural event of the year was the release of that inimitable song ‘Yes, we have no bananas’! Here is the original version…(Click here)

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2 Responses to 1923

  1. Mandy says:

    Oh wow Happy Birthday Mr.Becker.
    It’s fantastic that you spend such treasured moments with him Elizabeth, you are a great daughter.

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