Autumn, light, water, clouds, reflection

Daylight saving ended last Sunday, so this week the sun has set earlier, and there is a sense of autumn really arriving – albeit that the weather is unseasonably hot and dry. I went for a walk today at sunset, and was struck by the way the sun’s last light shines on the trees and then the water, down at the beach. ‘Nature’, in its guise as sea, is very big and present, but there are also many windows and cars and other human made things that reflect the last light of the day too, the sky, the clouds and so on. It’s easy to totally ignore or be oblivious to these small reflections of the world around us but it is somehow a little special to think of the big elusive sky, the cosmos even, shining on car roofs, windscreens, windows. We’re close to infinities (to put it a bit more grandly than it mostly seems), if we only notice it.

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