Celebrations (Part 1 – The Graduate)

It’s been a good week for celebrations. On Thursday my dear friend Arefa graduated from her social work course, and I went along as part of the team. It’s been a long time coming – 8 years – and heaps of work of course, but she made it in the end, got across the stage with ease (despite the nerves) and is now ‘officially’ a social worker. I am thrilled, and I know she is already an asset to the community in her work in the domestic violence sector. I’ve seen Arefa’s tenacity, determination, openness, curiosity, hard work, wisdom and sense of fun at close range throughout the years of study, and am very lucky to be her friend. Hooray Arefa!!!

Here are some shots from the event and afterwards (doing photos for this blog is a mystery to me – I have just seen the post on the website and the pics are in a totally different order to how I put them, so my advice is, click on the pics and they all enlarge!)…


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3 Responses to Celebrations (Part 1 – The Graduate)

  1. romi789 says:

    Pass on my congratulations and best wished for the future to Arefa- and well done Elizabeth for being such a consistent supporter as she has worked through the course. Romi x

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