Celebrations (Part 2 – The Book Launch)

Yesterday was another great opportunity to celebrate, this time the release of Mag Merrilees’ new book Big Rough Stones. Mag has featured here before, at least once at another book launch, and this was similarly a fantastic, warm, celebratory community event. This book is related to the previous one, with some of the same characters, and featuring earlier incarnations of their lives as well as ‘the present’. The book focuses on the community support and interweavings of friendship, activism and solidarity among the lesbian characters – and indeed among those many people present at the launch whose often invisible lives this book celebrates. It was an honour and a pleasure to be with such a fantastic group of mainly women and to know and notice again the strength and power that arises from straightforward support and love for women, by women.

The title comes from a beautiful poem written by Miriel (Moo) Lenore, which I hope it is all right to quote here:

the walls of lesbos

to build a lesbian wall
take big rough stones

don’t cut to fit
they are themselves     undressed

balance each with care
use no cement     no force

large gaps remain
the strength is in the touching

and the spaces

Mag reminded us that Moo’s 90th birthday is imminent, and that she is working on another volume of poetry, so hopefully there will be another book launch to celebrate soon. Warmest congrats to you Mag for your terrific work, and thanks to all those present who contributed to the night and to lesbians one and all for their contributions to all of our lives… (Don’t forget to click on the pics to make them bigger)


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5 Responses to Celebrations (Part 2 – The Book Launch)

  1. Thank you Elizabeth – that’s a lovely summing up and tribute to our (as you say) often invisible community!
    People in photos are: Polly with Deborah, Helen with Raven and Nicky, Marian with Mary and Vicki. Xxx

  2. dinahvc says:

    Thank you Elizabeth for this posting and the photos. Given I couldn’t be there, it gives me a good sense of the wonderful event and those there to celebrate Mag’s latest book. best wishes, Dinah

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