Botanical birthday

I have been a bit surprised at how my underlying preoccupations (that I don’t even notice really) seem to surface in this blog. I think I do posts about plants and flowers – roses, jacarandas, wisteria, strelitzias, bottlebrushes, autumn, spring, sunflowers etc, because I can’t think of anything else, but it happens so often that I must assume that I have an interest (although I have no talent at all as a gardener). Same with birds (though that should be a bit obvious with parrot feather as my ‘name’). I know we have had a bit of a run lately with nature, and here it is again this week, my birthday week, with an excursion to the botanic gardens today. It is such a beautiful place. I don’t go all that often – I don’t know why not, it’s sooo lovely. All the plants look so lush, and the design of the place is so interesting and beautiful, it is restoring, soothing, invigorating, restful, uplifting etc etc in a big way. It was terrific to catch up with some dear friends too, to walk and talk and eat cake. Wonderful.

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4 Responses to Botanical birthday

  1. Nicky Page says:

    You have such a lovely eye for nature dear Elizabeth. Thankyou for the happy sharing with your friends and for getting ME back into the Botanic Gardens, which I have loved since childhood days when I call them the “ten little gardens”.

  2. Mandy says:

    Happy Happy birthday week. …much love and good wishes xxooo

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