I am writing this in Mannum, beside the river, after spending a weekend here. It has been beautiful – restful, restoring, fun and just a real change. Kaye and Megan have been here for various parts of the weekend, and I am here by myself tonight, the last night. We also caught up with my dear old friend Colleen, who lives here. It has been wonderful to spend time with the pals, and in this lovely spot. I don’t get away often, and the river is amazing. There are heaps of birds – lots whose names I don’t know, but we have seen many purple swamp hens, some Eurasian coots, seagulls, a goose, some black ducks, some female wrens (more muted colouring than their bright blue male counterparts), galahs and magpies of course, and there’s more… We climbed steep hillsides (cliffs really), and have meandered down and up the street, calling in on second hand stores, cafes, the local Foodland, and walking through the river-side parks. Megan and I went over the river on the ferry today, and took a drive along the other side – the river is just lovely. I couldn’t help thinking about how wonderful it must have been when the Aboriginal people were the only inhabitants – it must have been really a slice of heaven. There are lots of reminders of Aboriginal presence here, in the past and now.

It has been a terrific time – I thoroughly recommend a weekend away, somewhere different, and a chance to recharge the batteries and deepen precious friendships. Here are some snaps (click to enlarge and excuse the poor lighting etc – you’ll get the drift!)…


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