A mark that holds a moment

I went to the Jam Factory today and saw an exhibition there by the glass maker Clare Belfrage. It was lovely work – you will get an idea from a few of the photos below (as usual click to enlarge) – but I was struck by the video that was made of her speaking about her work. She emphasised nature and the big world around us, and the importance of wonder: being lost in it and able to hold it as well. She spoke of having seen a spine of grass moved by the wind making a perfect arc on the ground – a mark that holds a moment. I think there are many marks that hint at time and place, many things that if we really notice them, are pointers to the physics that underlie them and the, well, wonder, of the world around us. It is all a bit schmaltzy to try to write about it – I keep coming up with cliches (the old SBS catch phrase, The World is an Amazing Place) – but these things are after all the (pearl) buttons and (fairy) bread of everyday life, the tiny glories that enrich daily life, so what the hell. And I have noticed nature drawing on the ground too – here is a picture I took on a walk a while back (along with some I took at the exhibition today)…

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2 Responses to A mark that holds a moment

  1. nickypage says:

    Thanks friend. Her work reminds me of beach pebbles and stones. Every one carries such a story of aeons of changes.

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