Last weekend, the Suzanne Elliott Trust (of which I am a trustee) held our inaugural gathering of people and groups that we have funded over the past couple of years since the Trust’s inception. It was a wonderful event – very inspiring to hear the stories of folk who are quietly and unassumingly making a difference to their part of the world. We held the day at Gallery Yampu at Port Adelaide, a gorgeous spot looking over the Port River at Birkenhead. Suzanne lived at the Port and had a connection with GY (apart from having her farewell ceremonies there – see link above), so there was a strong hint of her presence. The celebratory, party like atmosphere was also very Suzanne.

I really enjoyed the mingling – people getting to know each other a little and finding out about each other’s projects. I loved hearing people’s stories too – the mental health project (organising a big camp next year), the wildlife sanctuary with the aim of building a big round bird aviary so that injured native birds can get their strength up without having to turn when they reach an ‘end’, the women from Davenport, near Port Augusta, who have an art project – it was a thrill that they came so far for the day, and to see their art, Di from Melbourne (another thrill), who is an old friend of Suzanne’s, who is paying for the education of the children of a family in Cambodia whom her daughter got to know a while back, the Seeds of Affinity group (who have appeared here before) and who aid women who have been in prison (a very inspiring group), Food for Freedom, who make meals for families in emergency accommodation, particularly those who have left domestic violence, CHO (which runs Food for Freedom and which has appeared in these pages many times), Lesley Walker a fantastic supporter and advocate for refugees, Trish Campbell, whose daughter (who is blind) is on an exchange in France, Sue who runs a radio program on Peace for Radio Adelaide, the Brownhill Creek association who are protecting that area, the family who went to a disability conference interstate and there are probably more that I can’t think of right now – plus of course others who couldn’t make it on the day. And not to forget the wonderful welcome to country from Yellaka, a youth group for Aboriginal kids down at the Port – it was really moving. They are another great group.

It was a lovely event in a beautiful place, with great food and wonderful people. What a thrill… Hopefully the following photos will give a bit of a flavour of the day.

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5 Responses to Minglearama

  1. nickypage says:

    What a wonderful job the trust is doing! And all the projects. Thank-you to all of you

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