Food for Freedom

Yesterday we had a small event at the community garden in Hackham West that is managed by CHO, to thank those involved in the past year with the Food for Freedom program. This is a service that has run for around 3 years overall, but like many great community initiatives, we have run out of funding for it to continue at present. Twice a week, in collaboration with the homelessness and domestic violence services in the south, the team cooked and delivered fresh meals to people in emergency accommodation, often in motels with no cooking facilities. This meant cooking, sometimes, more than 100 meals per night and then delivering these meals. It was a feat of organisation and showed great support for people in difficult situations – often women and children moving away from domestic violence, but other forms of homelessness and difficulty also. We held a celebration of the work that has been done and the commitment shown by a fab team of community members who have contributed their labour freely, and by the coordinator, who was paid (though not for as many hours as she put in). It was a lovely event, and great to see those who attended. We also had a food event at the same time – Food Embassy, a local food not for profit business, ran a workshop cooking Asian-style food with ingredients that can be grown in home gardens – cold rolls and Chinese pancakes. Delicious! It was a small way to show gratitude for the work and commitment people have shown – how often is social change (eg supporting women to leave domestic violence) underpinned by the unpaid efforts of committed people who just do the work, day after day??

Food for Freedom

L-r: Kat (coordinator), Rosita, Shayne, Vienna, Kim, EB and Gail, some of the volunteers at Food for Freedom in 2018…

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2 Responses to Food for Freedom

  1. Kathy says:

    Wonderful work! Not sure what you’re doing out and about though Elizabeth 😦

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