Linking little bits of life


I spent some time again this week in Auburn with dad. It is really pleasant to be out of town, and to have the company of my dear old dad – he enjoys it too. We have a routine of feeding the chooks in the morning, collecting the eggs, breakfast and showering etc, dad does some jobs out in the shed and I cook or prepare meals for both of us. The garden has to be watered, and sometime during the day we have a walk together, and often also call into the shop. It is simple and easy and restoring.

This week was a bit special though as Bet and Ed, dear friends who live in the hills outside of Adelaide came up to the Clare Valley for a few days to stay at a local b&b. We met and went out to lunch in Watervale one day, and then went out again the following day. Ed is a fantastic photographer who has appeared in these pages before and I have yearned for a long time to get a photograph of dad and me together beside my favourite tree (which has also appeared here before). So we went for a drive, found the tree and took some pics. It was lovely to show my pals some of my special places, to celebrate Bet’s birthday (a bit belatedly) and to appreciate the pleasures of friendship, especially in the wake of my bout of ill-health. Bet (and others) have been so caring and encouraging as I get back to full strength.

She and Ed also visited me at home a week or two ago – we spent a bit of time down at the beach looking out at the sea.

moon waning in the morning

This pic wasn’t taken at the time, but you get the idea!

While we were there a photo shoot set up near us, with a very elegant and striking looking model wearing a fabulously frou frou frock. When I got back home late this week, there she was on the front page of the local paper – turns out the dress was created by a 16 year old local, Ana Samaras, who took an eye-watering 540 hours to make it. She has won an award in the Teenage Fashion and Arts Youth Awards and is obviously aspiring to a fashion industry future.

There are always hints of other lives and other possibilities around us – ancient trees butted up against the newest of the new, history and the long past with the unfolding blankness of what will come, tomorrow. Life is a bit of a swirl. Within it all, it is precious to have opportunities to celebrate friends and to link parts of life that I usually live independently. It’s connecting and nourishing, buttons and bread – the perfect topic for this blog.

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