“A book and a friend”

When I was young I came across a cheesy quotation that of course appealed to me hugely – cheesiness having always been part of my nature – “These choose with prudence, a book and a friend: they should charm at the start and be true to the end”. I have always been mad for books and have far too many for my small flat. Here is a pic of some (few) of them. IMG_8373[1]

These shelves are double stacked, there are more shelves in this room and more in my bedroom, plus piles, and even more in the sun room. I really should cull. Anyway that is another story!

For many years I have been getting most of the books I have bought from Imprints, in Hindley Street (They had a membership card in the early days. Mine is number 51!). This week they had their pre-Christmas party, and I thought it was about time I celebrated this terrific place and its people. Jason and Katherine have been there for many years (since they were children really!) – they both had time at the old location nearby – with Greg, Gail and Trish all those years ago (the place opened in 1984, and they came on-board in the early ’90’s). I have bought lots of terrific stuff from them. They have increased my reading scope and introduced me to many great writers; they are willing to help to find anything, just about, that you could possibly want, book-wise; they are generous and friendly and great to visit. They provide the books and have become friends, as per the cheesy quote.

I meant to take pictures at the shop at party time, but I forgot, in the flurry of books and the deliciousness of the chocolate and peanut brownie thingy and the raspberry ditto that I was plied with. So I took some photos when I went in belatedly for a pressie I had forgotten, and then Katherine and Jason were a bit camera shy. Ella was there too, temporarily on staff (and J’s daughter). And there are others who have and do also work there – currently Jo and Ben. So the photos are a bit haphazard (Ella sent me one also, and I got one from the website too), but the appreciation of the people and the place is not. Hooray for bookstores, especially of the non-chain, off-line variety – they liven up a town no end if you are a book lover – and particular hoorays to Imprints. (Click on pictures as usual to enlarge)

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