Wildlife week

I have had a week of wildlife since I was here last – some deliberate, but other encounters with kangaroos that were a bit unexpected. Driving back to Adelaide last week I spied a couple of kangas in a paddock just on the outskirts of Auburn…


Not very clear, but the best I could do at the time – you can see how close they were to houses…

Then, later in the week I took some friends here from UK to Cleland so that they could see some animals – Cleland has featured here before in the very early days of this blog, and it has been a lot longer than that since I went there. It is beautifully set up, and the staff seemed clearly very committed to all the creatures. It was fun. I have a few snaps from there too…

Then this weekend I am in Auburn again, and though I don’t have photos, I saw two kangaroos when out walking last night – amongst the olive trees next to the river, and again when we went out to the Big Hill – and I do have some not very impressive shots of those two. They were quite close to us, lying in the shade of some trees we had to drive past, and of course they bounded off when we got too close, but were easy to spot a bit later, though they were at quite a distance. 

It is a bit like seeing dolphins down at the beach – a thrill no matter how often it happens – hearing kookaburras (which I have also done this weekend), seeing kangaroos (who may be about more as it is so dry and they are looking for food and water), and whatever else is around. Even in manufactured situations (like Cleland) it is restoring to be in nature and with other animals… 




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