I have been taking someone to the dentist at Port Noarlunga South for the past few weeks, so have had a chance to get to know that little area a little more,  in particular Cliff Avenue. It struck me how little I know of places I pass by regularly – have driven past the turn off to Cliff Av about a million times – and of course we mostly just take a glance at what is around us, especially if it’s common or garden suburbia. But going to the same place for a few weeks now, I have been struck by how much you can see from different perspectives.

The obvious wide angle view of Cliff Avenue Pt Noarlunga South is its glorious beach. To the north is the jetty of Port Noarlunga; looking south you see Moana and down towards Aldinga. The cliffs are high and curvaceous and dramatic. There are birds and vegetation. It is beautiful, but if you didn’t know about it, you could miss it altogether. (The following photos are pretty bad – looking into the sun to take them – but hopefully you get the idea!)

The middle distance in Cliff Avenue I took to be Karingal Reserve, just opposite the group of shops that includes the dentist. It’s a big space with soccer field, tennis courts, a playground, skate park, netball courts and public toilets. It’s owned by the Council and is a mostly public facility. I think of all the work of caring for it all, and running the sports clubs and maintaining the grounds and facilities, and the fun people have there, with each other, on a regular basis. When I am there in the mid-week, nothing much has been happening, but that’s obviously not the case all the time. The Seaford Rangers soccer club has its base there for one thing…


Then close up is the dentist. Not much to say one would think, but they are a friendly bunch and very helpful for my client, and I found out you can recycle your toothbrushes, dental floss boxes, old tubes of toothpaste etc there. Didn’t know there was such a scheme and felt really pleased to know about it. They also support Orangutan conservation there (of all things) – so behind the door that many of us avoid – the dentist –  other interesting things are happening that contribute to different aspects of the world. You wouldn’t know unless you had the chance for a closer look.

I wonder what other good things are going on that I just don’t see as I whizz through…

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