River of time

As mentioned in the weekend’s post, it was dad’s birthday this past weekend. He turned 96!! It was a lovely few days – he is in pretty good form at the moment, and we enjoyed celebrating with various family members at different times both before and during the weekend. On Saturday, his actual birthday, we went out to lunch (fish and chips at the pub), went for a drive – including a drive by of Mrs Wright’s Nursing Home that was, in Saddleworth, where he was born, and caught up with special people. We also had the traditional ‘blow-away’ sponge birthday cake (recipe in the post highlighted above) – delicious – and Richard and I sang him the birthday song. We also spoke of my friend Romi, who was celebrating her grandson’s first birthday on the same day, over in UK. Dad commented that he has a pretty good day for a birthday!

I took a few photos – not many as it turns out, but also took some snaps of photos of him taken earlier on in his life. We have very few pics of dad as a child – one that came to light just a few years ago was a tiny snap of him, his mother and his sister, out in the yard with their chooks, when dad was just a toddler. It is hard to really see, and the slightly enlarged photo we have is a bit fuzzy – but marvellous to have a sense of dad as a tiny boy, and then on his wedding day, and now. Here is a link to a pic of dad and me when I was tiny – and below is one taken on Saturday. The river of time flows on, and who we were then is just hinted at in pictures and in our memories…

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2 Responses to River of time

  1. Congratulations and belated Happy Birthday. Lovely pics. Reminds me of our delight when we discovered a home move from post war of a relative’s wedding that shows my mum as a 17 year old. Nostalgia is a heady draught!

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