Flight testing

Minton Farm birds

This morning I went to Cherry Gardens to the fantastic Minton Farm Animal Rescue centre. It is run by amazing people with a decades long commitment to helping native animals and birds recover from injury and accidents (actually they have other animals at the centre too – I saw sheep, shetland ponies, a pig). I have been looking at articles about them on the internet – and found a connection to Auburn – Minton Farm cared for 6 barn owls from a farm there a couple of years ago. The birds’ nest fell when the tree branch it was on broke and they were tiny. The farmers found them and contacted Minton Farm. They had 6 weeks of intensive care with Bev, and were successfully released back in Auburn afterwards. What a result. (There is a photo of them borrowed from the internet above…)

Today was the official opening of Minton’s round bird enclosure – it is designed to assist in rehabilitating birds by allowing them to fly safely and for longer periods of time while they recover. The new enclosure doesn’t ‘end’, so their muscles can strengthen by flying round and round. Of course this can’t happen with long enclosures, where the birds must ‘turn’ at the end. There were lots of people there – many of whom are associated with either Minton Farm itself or other animal related groups. Many of these groups use the facilities and assistance of Minton Farm anyway, and they will be able to use the bird enclosure free of charge too, I understand.

It was great to talk to people who spend so much time supporting wildlife in a range of ways. Karen, from Wombats SA (which started life in 1960 as the Natural History Society of SA), spoke about their 5 conservation reserves in SA, and their work in conserving the environments that wombats and other animals live in. I also spoke with Anne, from Flinders Private Hospital – she brings all manner of out of date or unusable medical-related supplies to the Centre – items that can’t be re-sterilised, betadine that won’t be used at the hospital (if the bottle is open, apparently it has to be used within a short time period), out of date supplies also. A great way to use items that might otherwise be thrown away – and again, the commitment to and thought about wild animals and birds is great to see.

The Suzanne Elliott Charitable Trust has contributed to the bird enclosure (I wrote about it a bit in this post) and we went to celebrate with everyone. It was really inspiring…

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