Salut tout le monde

I have reconnected with France this week. I had a letter from folk in the little village, Cour L’Eveque, where I stayed in 2001; I caught up with my old French teacher Cecile, who lives here part time and in UK part time – she came originally from Lille; my pal Bet is in France now at a language school in Foix (which looks to be incredibly beautiful); and of course the Notre Dame fire has been prominent as well. So this week’s post celebrates the connections we have with other places, cultures, languages, peoples (and particularly France and French). It is also a reminder that adventure and travel make a huge difference to life – being able to connect with people far away from home is a privilege – and being able to connect with others when they are far from home likewise. My own photos of France were taken in the pre-digital age (or my pre-digital age!), so I am using pics from the internet, plus a couple from Bet, taken while she has been away.

Cour L’Eveque is a tiny village in the Champagne region, and scene of an air crash in WW2 which killed my mother’s first love (a very clear reminder that war is no way to see the world). The whole crew are buried there – and there are shots of the place on line (thanks to whoever took the photos below). I will do another post about it sometime – it’s quite a story.

Paris, taken in the past couple of weeks by Bet

Helicopter and castle from Bet’s window in Foix. The Castle is being repaired apparently

A view of Foix from the internet, showing the castle. Thanks to whoever took the shot. What a gorgeous place!

The path leading to the forest where the plane crashed near Cour L’Eveque

In the forest, monument in the distance

Monument and propeller from the plane, in the forest near Cour L’Eveque

Another view of the monument and propeller, with forest behind. It is a beautiful place

Another view

Close up showing names

In the forest, Cour L’Eveque

The path leading to the forest

Four of the young men killed when the plane crashed. Mum’s friend, Malcolm Payne, is in the middle at the front.

A view of Lille from the internet – thinking of Cecile!

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