Winter trees

It’s been a cold and wet week so today’s fine weather has been a bonus. I went for a walk this afternoon with trees on my mind. The skeletons that emerge in winter, structure visible and reaching skywards, all angles and curves, lines. Their slender fingers reaching for the sun. I find them hard to recognise without their leaves. I know I photographed wisterias (but only because they have appeared here before, in a spring posting), and the silver birch was obvious because of it’s silver trunk, but many others were anonymous to me – perhaps naked is the best disguise after all. There were some surprises too – a gorgeous grevillea in bloom, a woolly bush likewise (I had no idea about their flowers before I spied some today), and a fine sunset.  Plus an aeonium arboreum and some violets. And the moon. Here are some photographs…

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2 Responses to Winter trees

  1. Peter Willis says:

    Dear Elizabeth

    Your quiet clickful blog stirs me


    Pulls me appreciative

    Thanks for a special handwritten card. Glad you liked Leunig’s Daily Words. He seems to have your number

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