Making and doing

*(For an explanation of this odd set of pics that does not relate to the post see note at the end of the piece…)

I have had a busy week, going to community events and in small ways being part of the action. Today I went to a food and cooking session in Noarlunga focussed on preserves. We made a vegan pesto – using a funky yeast thing instead of cheese and warrigal greens and spinach instead of basil – and quince and muntrie chutney. Obviously there was a bit of a theme of indigenous ingredients too. It was a lot of fun, and I had a great time.

Afterwards I went to the launch of the Semaphore Music Festival ‘Down by the River’ program. It is celebrating the Year of Indigenous Languages with songs written in language by a few local Indigenous singers. It was terrific! Exciting to hear other languages and to showcase local talent.

Then looking back to last weekend I went to a fundraiser for the Marino Community Garden which featured the choir I sing with and other local musicians – in particular our two fabulous choir leaders who are obviously musicians themselves independent of choir leading. They were great and it was such a fun night.

I love how there is always stuff going on. People doing things, making things, getting things happening in the neighbourhood (any neighbourhood). It’s not highbrow or ‘top notch’  or anything, but it’s good enough, and it just makes my heart sing (and sometimes my actual voice sings too!).

*(I am having trouble with my computer this week and am writing this post on a tablet. I can’t work out how to get pictures from the camera to this device so can’t add any of the shots from these events at this stage. In the interests of having a picture or two I have inserted three snaps taken in Auburn of dad and me, taken haphazardly when trying to work out how to use the camera in the tablet. What a palaver!! Not sure there’s any connection with the theme of the week except perhaps making the best of things and doing what I can!!)* (PS The correct pics will be added at some point)

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3 Responses to Making and doing

  1. nelm47 says:

    I love the photo of you in your apron with the family photos in the background. Talking about community groups and being involved and supporting them. You are at the top of the list with all that and being there for your dadda!Love Nel xxSent from Samsung tablet.

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