Colours! Shapes! Spring!

I had a look at the photos I have taken this week, and it became obvious that spring is the topic of the moment. Flowers are blooming everywhere in all their glorious lairy-ness. I kept running into bright shining pigface when I was out and about during the week – pink as well as orange, but mostly orange. Then today I went to the botanic gardens; their wisteria arbor is lovely, not to mention heaps of other plants, some of whose names I do not know. I was particularly struck by the detail of some of the flowers – which are often more visible in photos, as you can enlarge them, and their shapes. Here are some snaps…


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2 Responses to Colours! Shapes! Spring!

  1. Pamela Smith says:

    Hi all just catching up and reading some of the blogs but I would love you all to come and see my garden I have two major Pleasures in my life one is my garden and the other is my Joey’s I shifted into the house and it had no garden and I’ve put a pond and the garden in witch I didn’t think I was capable of doing but I am and my Joey’s I absolutely adore them I’m a carer and my Joey’s I absolutely adore them love to put same pics up for u all to have a brag

    • Hey Pam
      great to hear from you! And so glad you have a garden – I wish I were better at growing things, but at least I can appreciate them! Mandy might see this, but she is travelling in Europe – Spain, France and possibly more – for her 60th birthday which is coming up next week. What a gal!! I would love you to email me some pics of your joeys and write something too if you like. It would be great to have a post from you. Do you have my email address??? Let me know if not and I will send to you.

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