With One Voice

Yesterday was party time for the choir I am part of, the ‘With One Voice’ choir. We had our end of year concert at Kingston Park, with families and friends present, and beautiful food and more music afterwards. Choir is a very happy weekly uplift for me – Wednesday nights after work, with a bunch of very pleasant people and the fantastic Heather and Michelle at the helm. We have supper afterwards and it has been really enjoyable to get to know more folk local to where I live, and to reconnect with some old pals too. It’s also been fantastic to be part of something that I don’t do much to organise!! Yesterday I provided some of my (over-)large supply of preserves to the raffle prizes, and did minimal other little jobs, but crikey did I appreciate the work of the committee and the other helpers. Without the behind the scenes people in any community venture – in this case doing things like organising food (which was spectacular), setting up the venue, coordinating raffle prizes, getting the sound organised, staffing and setting up the bar, setting up the tables, bringing tablecloths and flowers, printing the song sheets, packing up afterwards, doing dishes, organising the recycling of disposable plates and doubtless many more – nothing would happen.  It was a really good afternoon/evening! (Here are some pics – double click to enlarge as usual.)

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8 Responses to With One Voice

  1. Mandy Laidlaw says:

    Wow. Looks like a very fun, fulfilling ,nurturing day.
    I remember when you talked me into being part of the choir for domestic violence….I was very hesitant but it was great fun putting on our performance and practising.
    The photos are great, I even recognise a few faces.
    Cheers Mandy xxxooo

  2. nickypage says:

    Oh what a lovely looking event! Nothing like a good sing with good friends 🙂

  3. Kathy says:

    Looks great. Wish I had been there to hear the choir. x

  4. Yvonne allen says:

    It was a really great night and it is so particularly nice to know that I will see you on Wednesday nights where we can warble away to our hearts content. And the photos are great.

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