Surprising creatures in daily life

Part 1: a sort of poem.

I went to a meeting for work this week – a regional gathering of people working in the hoarding and squalor space. There were a lot of people there, and lots of energy to find better ways to work together and support the people we work with. There were folk from many different agencies – the fire brigade, mental health, aged care, health, local government, community services, NDIS, and on and on. I arrived a bit late, and sat up the back, next to a woman from the RSPCA. I didn’t notice to begin with that she had a cage near her, filled with towels and woollen bundles, until I heard a little cheep-cheep. Turns out she had a couple of tiny birds with her, in a woollen pouch to keep them warm and in the dark. Real life tamagotchi babies that have to be kept close by. She showed us  after the meeting – a baby wattlebird and a baby magpie. Gorgeous. I took a couple of snaps – not very good ones, but you will get the idea… It was almost like having an actual metaphor in the room with us as we talked about overcoming big challenges for people struggling with trauma and workers struggling to get resources to help. Baby birds being supported to live, close to us all.

baby birds 2

Wattlebird on the left, Magpie on the right

Just to give a clearer idea of what the babies look like I have found a couple of pictures on the net – first wattlebird chicks and a couple of shots of baby magpies

Part 2: the house mascot

Early in the week I was momentarily shocked to see out of the corner of my eye a big green creature on the fence outside our building. On closer inspection it was only a child’s stuffed alligator, perhaps fallen out of a stroller, that someone had placed there, in an obvious place, so that if the family came looking they could find it again. It’s still there today, and I find it cheering and funny. A mascot for us here at Beacon Lodge, a playful guardian in the garden…


I feel she needs a name… Gloria the ‘gator perhaps?

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