I am woman (part 2)

It’s 125 years since (white) women got the vote here in South Australia as well as the right to stand for parliament. I was at the library the other day, and the Council have put up images there of local women who, over the decades, have contributed to public and community life here in our part of the world. As well as these (slightly) more celebrated women, I think often of the many many women who make the world go around in the public and the private spheres, doing behind the scenes, often pedestrian work to get things happening and keep them going. The minutes that are written, the phone calls made, the food given to a neighbour in need. Those who give people lifts and teach them how to use technology and write grant applications and clean up after the meeting and remember birthdays and pick up the kids and clean the house and do the washing and and make the costume for the parade and organise fundraisers and visit those who are ill and all the rest. I know it’s been said a million times before, but let’s face it, women rock! We really really rock…

Here are a few pics of those local women (with shadows of surrounding trees marbling their images). (When you click to enlarge an image you should be able to read a little about each of them.) Let’s remember and celebrate the challenges and actions of women who came before us – the risks they took, the commitment they showed – and keep encouraging each other to go for justice and a better world now.

[The theme of this post, the power and importance of women in the world, has been highlighted in this blog before . That post includes a link to a version of the song ‘I am woman’ that I really like. I have put it in again this time, below the pictures…]

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