Deck the halls

December is a bit weird here – it’s summer, the days are long and hot (this week fearfully, frighteningly so), but Christmas is coming, so there is plenty of ‘snow’ and ‘ice’ about too, as befits a holiday that originated in snowy northern winter climes. This is a celebration that does double duty – for the religiously inclined, there is obvious significance, and for others waiting in those cold climes for the turning of the year, it’s a great marker for the light coming back. It doesn’t quite work for the light departing though as it technically is here (as of today actually), especially when there is actually plenty of summer still to come. The traditional Christmas colours don’t make a lot of sense either – red and green I mean (both of which are present, but not strikingly so). There’s no decking of halls with boughs of holly, a very insignificant plant here in December. What we do have in abundance though is agapanthus – they are blooming everywhere at the moment, a big reminder to me that Christmas is coming – any hall would be well adorned with jars of aggies! Here are some pics, along with my wishes for a happy Christmas week to come, good holidays for those having a break, and peace in the final week or so of the year.


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2 Responses to Deck the halls

  1. Mandy says:

    Merry Christmas to you EB and a very Happy New Year.
    I love the Hydrangeas at Christmas time too.

    • And to you too Mandy – yes, I agree, hydrangeas are that other summer special. Harder to find on my travels around the ‘burbs though. I think maybe people have them in pots out the back, or somewhere more hidden from my camera though! Love and happy wishes to you for the season and the new year too!

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