Notes on December 21

It’s the solstice, that time of year when the days here are long. I’ve just looked it up and here in Adelaide we get over 4 more hours of daylight now than at midwinter. The sun doesn’t set till 8.30 and rises before 6 am. Here are some pics of last night’s sunset – click to enlarge…

It’s also my dear friend Kathy’s birthday – we went out to celebrate at a gorgeous cafe on the Port River yesterday. I am so glad she is in my life. We had a cooler day too, after a week of horrible heat, so that was another cause of celebration.

It’s also the birthday of Diana Athill, for many years an editor at Andre Deutsch and one of my favourite writers, who died earlier this year at age 101 and a bit. She wrote fantastic books in her older age especially, and lived a bold life as a single woman. An excellent example of how to live!

Image result for diana athill cause of death

It’s also, and finally for this post, the date Joe writes to Dan in Paul Kelly’s excellent song How to Make Gravy.

And so life unfolds on this little planet going around the sun in its year by year way…


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2 Responses to Notes on December 21

  1. Kathy says:

    Was great to see you yesterday Elizabeth. I’m glad to share a birthdate with Diana Athill. X

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