Blurry photos

New year is fast approaching, and with it the end of one decade and the beginning of the next. I am in Auburn again, enjoying dad’s company and a restful time in the country. Thinking about time passing of course, day by day and year by year, and the one photo we have of dad as a little boy comes to mind. We got the original (very tiny) picture from some rellies a few years ago and then had an enlarged copy made to give to dad for one of his birthdays. It’s a great shot, with his mother and elder sister (born 100 years ago in 2020) – and a whole heap of chooks, most fitting for dad. He is about – 4 or so I would guess? – and looks in his stance a lot like one of my nephews when he was about that age. It’s a bit blurry and faded – it was taken in around 1927 perhaps – and it’s fantastic to have an idea of what the dear old darling I spend so much time with was like as a lad. Another of the mysterious aspects of time being that he is the same person now as he was then. Sort of! The picture reminds me of how life itself rolls on and our memories blur too – the outlines are there, but the details are gone, colours faded, but still there is evidence of our lives… And the great thrill of it all continues – the amazement at being here at all, the daily beauties, the ongoing struggles and pains, the unfolding wonders of daily, ordinary life. I hope you have a great new year (and new decade)… all being well there will be more blog posts to come…


Photo of the photo – Joan, mum (Dossie, my nana), and Walter (aka Ric, dad), plus all those chooks. Taken in Saddleworth in around 1927


Dad at the park in Auburn on Christmas Eve this year…

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