Fire plugs

It’s been a full on week, so hot again and fires all over the place. I am a long way from anything that is happening (and hopefully it will stay that way), but it must be grim for those closer by, and it is depressing to think about how blithely most of us have been carrying on, while the conditions for these conflagrations have been building and building. It is easy to feel depressed and powerless about it all, but of course there are always good things happening too, the world also full of tenderness and possibility. Here is a quote from Patti Smith: “We are all alive and truth is in the fires engulfing our planet. United we have the power to extinguish those flames with the water of life, love and action.”

Let’s hope that the enormity of what is happening will be a catalyst, a real catalyst, to productive and positive action much more broadly. Who knows what’s around the corner – but we are here and this is now, so in this year of ‘good vision’, let’s go for it! This week’s photos were taken during walks around Auburn. I came upon the fire plug on a path leading out of the town – it must have been there for ages, infrastructure put in when we had the Electricity and Water Supply (E&WS) – a government agency responsible for e&ws. It was a way to be prepared for action, able to help in a crisis, using resources effectively when needed. Perhaps we have to be little fire plugs in our own way – finding creative ways to work together to make the changes we need to make, and prepare for what comes.

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