Flowers inside

I’ve been looking through my photos over the years and I have lots of pics of little bunches of flowers that I have picked from our garden or dad’s garden but mostly from neighbours, friends, over the fence, on the verge, pretty leaves, bits and pieces. This means that they are often not precious plants – just the sort of thing that people don’t mind others (me) picking as they go past – geraniums, daisies, roses, nasturtiums, forget me nots and so on. They are so pretty though, and with the light shining on them they brighten up the place a lot. The pics also show sundry other bits and pieces that are the detritus of daily life – tubes of toothpaste, a brush, deodorant, papers and books, photos of family members taken at different times in their lives, even the different vases that they sit in. Just little bits of ordinariness shown up with a special glow because of the presence of the flowers. Celebrated you might say. Life is worth a bunch of flowers, lots of bunches, week after week, picked in passing, bits of beauty, enjoyed with every passing glance…

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2 Responses to Flowers inside

  1. Mandy Laidlaw says:

    Reminds me how powerful a vase of flowers are..💜💜

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