It’s spring and the birds are making nests. I have seen a pair of murray magpies building in a tree near Kaye’s as I went for a walk in the past week or so. The photos below show them poking around in the nest as they build. The were coming and going with pieces of twig etc in their beaks as I watched. Some pics show them perched near the nest too (you have to look closely though!). You can see by the very blue sky what a glorious day it was too. I also discovered some old nests in Auburn – one in the banksia rose bush (the first couple of shots below), and one when I was pruning the glory vine out the back (the next two). I also have a photo of a nest a client gave me that I kept on my filing cabinet for years (it has a piece of egg shell in it). It is wonderful to see life unfolding – and birds are so fab for this – their industry and the beauty of what they make along the way, the hints of life (for mostly you can’t see the babies themselves as they are high up and well protected) (I have climbed up once though), their song. This week’s post is dedicated to them.

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3 Responses to Nests

  1. nickypage says:

    As always a beautiful reflection on something it is too easy to ignore in our busy lives

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