I went for a walk in the Botanic Gardens recently and on the way there saw a colony of flying foxes that have made their home in the park nearby. They are a strange and eerie sight these creatures with so much cultural baggage attached to them – from ideas about blood sucking to Batman the superhero. All these things, and the creepy film music I associate with them, went through my mind and clashed with the glorious blue sky and spring day. Their wings are wild! They are so un-birdlike. They hang upside down like squirming bags of – what? They are very noisy too. This species is the grey-headed flying fox, and they mostly live in the eastern states. This camp is fairly new – apparently they are moving further afield as their traditional territory is threatened. They are classified as vulnerable and there are lots of signs around telling about them and reminding people not to touch them if they are on the ground and to be careful (for fear of diseases we might catch from them I think, or being wounded by them in some way) (no doubt there is more danger in the other direction in truth). I really liked them, the strangeness of these chattering bird/rodent-type things with their leather wings to greet me as I walked into the gardens.

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2 Responses to Bats

  1. Peter Willis says:

    Spooky but interesting

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