Geraniums (day and night)

Geraniums (and pelargoniums) are so cheerful and robust. They are flowering pretty much everywhere at the moment – great for one of my occasional posts about flowers in season. They have the disadvantage for this blog of being brighter and more intense in life than in photographs. I don’t know why it is (maybe the quality of my camera (which I love and don’t want to speak badly of)), but I see these vivid daily pleasures and snap away – and the picture is more subdued in tone – a tad disappointing. I have been experimenting though and have discovered that pics taken at night are sometimes more intense, and sometimes just eerier – so here is a selection, taken at both times of the day…

First the daytime shots – they look good next to each other here, but you compare them to the bushes you probably have in your garden or next door in the neighbours – pale pale pale.

And here are the night shots. Not sure quite how I managed to get some of them so bright (helped for sure by street lights)… Some of the low light pics have a kind of cushion-y feel about them to me, their leaves quite striking too. Click on any of the pics to enlarge – the night shots are better when bigger I think…

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3 Responses to Geraniums (day and night)

  1. They are beautiful – both day and night. 🙂

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